Saturday, March 15, 2008

9 Questions with Chad Hayduk

What made you want to be a makeup artist?
As a kid, I was always fascinated by monster makeup and forensics. My dad used to buy me lots of books on monsters and my favorite toy was my "Hugo- Man of 1000 Faces" doll...sort of the Barbie head for boys! You would glue all sorts of fun things like eye balls, hair pieces and moustaches on him.

How did you, Trae and Scott [Hodge and Catto] come up with the concept of Three Custom Color? As makeup artists, we were never satisfied with the colors that were available to us and we often had to blend our own. With the custom end of our business, we could than make any color we desired. In addition, we decided to create a multi-functional Ready to Wear line of products that could be embraced by ALL- regardless of skin tone, age or skin type.

What is the most memorable project you've been asked to do last week I keyed makeup and hair for the movie A Four Letter Word that one of mydearest friends wrote and starred in. I got to design crazy drag makeup, use lots of sparkle and because of the long hours and tight schedule had to really put my concealing and blending abilities to the test.

Do you feel being a man in the makeup industry has helped or hindered you? It has definitely helped! Women tend to feel more comfortable working with a man for some reason- especially a gay man!

What excites you about a project? I love the creative process, brainstorming and collaboration. My mind goes a million miles a minute when approached with a new project. I find inspiration everywhere I go. Traveling the world have been the biggest influence on my work.

What is the last makeup job you worked on? For fashion week, I keyed the Carlos Campos and K-Swiss fashion shows, I just wrapped a movie called Between Love and Goodbye and am doing some design work for Julianna Margulies new TV show, Canterbury's Law.

What is the one biggest mistake artist make when doing men's makeup? Men should never look like they are "wearing makeup." I have seen many guys with too much color on the skin whether it be foundation, bronzer or lip color. They really just need to be cleaned up, groomed, concealed and powdered where needed. A little bronzer is great but don't make it look like blush. And watch the mascara- most guys have good lashes and don't need any!

Can you tell me one thing that people won't know about Three Custom Color? That my two partners, Trae and Scott, and I were club kids when we met in College!

What's your favorite color? I love all color but I would have to say the truly indescribable aqua blue that is color of the water in the Maldives.

You can check out more about Chad's thoughts on Men's Grooming at Then meet Scott in person at The Makeup Show NYC - May 18 and 19 at Metropolitan Pavilion.

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