Thursday, May 07, 2009

9 Questions with Jon Hennessey

How long have you been doing makeup? 15 years and hopefully another 50 more.

What are three of your must-have products? MAC #188 Brush, Face Atelier Foundations, Mika Olivia Brush Cleanser

What’s the last project you worked on? Just wrapped a video for Papa Roach

Why do you love being a makeup artist? This is a question that I could literally spend pages on. I've been fortunate enough to work on such a wide variety of projects that make every day completely unique. I work in an industry in which I'm completely surrounded by creative doesn't get much more inspiring than that.

In one word, what inspires you? Struggle

What makes you a good makeup artist? There are thousands and thousands of incredible makeup artists out there doing their own thing. I've probably shown my portfolio in order to get work less than 20 times in my career. The majority of the work that I do comes through word of mouth. It's less about my makeup than the experience and environment that I create for people. I try to bring a little calm into my clients crazy lives.

What was your first job as an artist? It's been a while, but it would probably have been volunteering my services for a cable access cooking show. Doesn't get much more glamorous.

How would you describe your style of makeup? Clean, minimalist, abstract, painterly.

If you could do one person’s makeup who you haven’t yet done who

would it be? Past would be my mum. Present would be Zooey Deschanel.

Jon is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Nobasura Agency and one of the most respected educators in the Makeup Industry. He will be speaking at The Makeup Show NYC on Monday May 18th at 9:45am, presenting Working in Fashion. For more information and to purchase tickets for The Makeup Show NYC on May 17 & 18 please visit

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