Tuesday, September 08, 2009

9 Questions with Daven Mayeda

How have you kept your career growing in a challenging economy? Saying yes to everything, even the small jobs. You never know what opportunities and people you can meet on set. I think once you start declining jobs, especially out of laziness, you prevent yourself from growing and evolving as an artist and a businessman. Being able to have a skill in time of a difficult economy is great, it allows you to have the freedom to barter

What three traits does a great makeup artist need to have? Psychology- Being alert and in tune to the surrounding energies. Logic- The ability to make the right decisions and choices about a look or application. Passion- Without passion in a career, its just a job.

Is there a project you have worked on that you are especially proud of?
Definitely all of the early projects of my career. The student "experiments', early photo shoots, failed fashion tests and botched creations of a passionate amateur. I think these things really make you grow in your career. They push you to your limits. They make you sweat, second guess yourself, and make you work harder the next time.

What are you working on today?
Most advertising, fashion, private clients, educating through the Powder Group, giving workshops at The New York and Los Angeles Makeup Shows and Artist Summits.

How did you get started in makeup?
I was an adventurous goth kid ironically, after the obsession with black eye liner, red eyeshadow, and blaring heavy metal music, I found myself searching for a creative outlet. I went to hair school and picked up a makeup brush with a completely different mindset. It has been a love affair ever since.

What is the biggest mistake a makeup artist can make?
Forgetting all of the people that have helped their careers. That is definitely a travesty in this industry. We are so quick to forget all of the other people that gave us our breaks, our big client referrals, and most of all, the people that truly had faith in our abilities.

How did you know that you wanted to be a makeup artist?
When I found myself waking up and going to sleep designing looks I knew it was right.

What does “community” mean to you?
Community is everything to me. Your mentors, assistants, colleges and friends in the industry all keep each other "sane" in this crazy world. Community to me is the pulse of the industry, and the energy that keeps the forward interia of motivation going.

Can you tell us about a change you have made in your career?
Attempting to carry less makeup, ::laughs:: my kit is pretty hefty still, and its a constant battle to try and condense. Businesswise, I am trying to concentrate my focus of where I want to go in my career, as opposed to being so spread out all of the industry.

Daven Mayeda is a celebrity makeup artist. He will be speaking at The Artist Summit Miami Oct 3-5th, and The Artist Summit Chicago Oct 10-12th. For more information and to purchase tickets for The Artist Summit please visit www.theartistsummit.com

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