Friday, February 19, 2010

The Artist Series with Kevin-James Bennett

How have you kept your career growing in a challenging economy? Shameless self-promotion? Sounds funny, but it's not far from the truth. You've got to work on your career every, network, network. The jobs will not find find the people who are hiring/booking and let them know how much they want you. It's a constant hustle, but the reward is a steady cash flow and exposure that leads to new and better work.

What three traits does a great makeup artist need to have?


What makes a good assistant?

Great organizational skills.
Listening carefully when receiving direction.
Being able to follow through without constant supervision.

Is there a project you have worked on that you are especially proud of?

I designed makeup for many of the "challenges" on Season 2 of "She's Got The Look", the reality show that searches for the next supermodel over the age of 35.

What are you working on today?

I'm writing curriculum and a lesson plan for a new 30 hour (Beginner) Makeup Training format.

How did you get started in makeup?

I "painted' real makeup on mannequins for displays at Bloomingdale's NYC.

What is coming next for your line?
A group of breakthrough products in the HD and Artistic categories

Tell us about your newest product?
The new WOW products are "HD Blush" and the amazing "Aqua Cream", which is a waterproof version of our legendary Flash Color

Why do makeup artists love your line?

We offer unlimited creativity. Most of our products can be mixed or layered to create new textures and a myriad of finishes.

What is the biggest mistake a makeup artist can make?

Arrogance. You might be a brilliant artist, but no one wants to work with a horrible attitude and drama.

How did you know that you wanted to be a makeup artist?
It challenged and satisfied my creative nature and offered instant gratification... a mighty potent benefit package for any artist.

What does "community" mean to you?
A group of people who share (share being the key word) a love and passion for their vocation.

Can you tell us about a change you have made in your career?
Going back to corporate cosmetics after being away for almost 20 years. After years of working on-set, being back in an office was quite a culture shock . I'm still!

Is it important to do both hair and makeup in the industry?

Absolutely. Unless you're working on a union assignment, it's very possible you will be asked if you do both. Your answer will often decide whether or not you get the booking. You don't need to do cuts or chemical processes, but you definitely should be able to style hair, work with styling tools and create simple up-dos.
Kevin-James Bennett is an Emmy Award winning makeup artist who currently works with Make Up Forever as their On-Air makeup artist for HSN, and as their artistic educator. His editorials and advise on beauty appear in top tier magazines including Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Town & Country, Self and Health as well as industry insider publications such as WWD, American Salon and Beauty Link. He also contributes online in blogs, podcasts and on YouTube. Kevin will be presenting at The Makeup Show LA on February 28th-March 1st. For more information, and to purchase tickets please visit

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