Sunday, February 21, 2010

Michael DeVellis'

Top Ten Reasons

NOT to Attend

The Makeup Show L.A.

February 28 & March 1

#10. You already work much more than you want to

#9. Inspiration really isn't your thing

#8. Every brand owner and executive already know you personally

#7. You never need an assistant or want to assist on a job

#6. You are creating new work that excites you on every single job

#5. Advice from the top artists in the industry is really irrelevant

#4 All new products that come out show up magically in your kit

#3 You spent your last $35 on half-caf no-foam soy lattes

#2 Your community of like-minded pros is plenty large enough

...and the #1 reason not to go to The Makeup Show LA...

#1 You have nothing to wear!

Enough excuses.
Get motivated.
Be inspired.
Think differently about your career and craft.
See you at The Makeup Show L.A!
February 28 and March 1 at the California Market Center
Advance tickets from $35.
Don't miss this event.
Support your industry.
Surprise yourself.

Visit for more details and ticket information.
See you at the show!

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