Thursday, May 28, 2009

9 Questions with Valerie Hernandez

How long have you been doing makeup? I have been experimenting with makeup since I was a little girl, basically for as long as I can remember! Professionally for 7 years.

What are three of your must-have products?
YOUNGBLOOD Loose Mineral Foundations, YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Primer and Egyptian Magic

What’s the last project you worked on?
A variety of beautiful photoshoots with the amazing Tyler Shield.

Why do you love being a makeup artist? I absolutely love being a makeup artist because I love educating women on “Healthy, Beautiful and Flawless” makeup techniques.

In one word, what inspires you? ESSENCE

What makes you a good makeup artist?
Drive along with Passion ! But most importantly the APPRECIATION of every single opportunity that is placed before me.

What was your first job as an artist?
I was an assistant to Celebrity Makeup Artist D’Andre Michaels.

How would you describe your style of makeup?
Clean and Healthy.

If you could do one person’s makeup who you haven’t yet done who would it be? That would definitely have to be Ellen Degeneres !

Valerie Hernandez is the senior educator and makeup artist for Youngblood Cosmetics.
You may visit their site at

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