Tuesday, May 12, 2009

9 Questions with Alison Raffaele

-How long have you been doing makeup?

23 years

-What are three of your must-have products?

Alison Rafaele Cosmetics Face Forward Primer: Acne Response, Alison Rafaele Cosmetics True Concealer and DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil

-What's the last project you worked on?

Currently working on the development of Alison Raffaele Cosmetics new eco-friendly mascara and luminizers

-Why do you love being a makeup artist?

The people! Whether it is talking shop with editors and bloggers,

introducing other artists to my products, working with customers at retail,

spending time in the R&D lab with my chemists, or networking for business, I

constantly find myself meeting wonderful people.

-In one word, what inspires you?


-What makes you a good makeup artist?

Being in tune with the customer's needs

-What was your first job as an artist?

Behind a makeup counter at Macy's in Paramus, NJ at the age of 16

-How would you describe your style of makeup?

I am to visually telegraph a woman's inner beauty and personality through

her makeup

-If you could do one person's makeup who you haven't yet done who would it

be? My daughter's...I'm due August 21st, so her first Halloween may a bit too

soon, but you know at least she'll have a great costume!

Alison Raffaele is the founder of Alison Raffaele cosmetics/Green Pioneer. You can see her at The Makeup Show NYC on Sunday May 17 – 2:00pm for The Founders Forum. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit www.themakeupshow.com

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