Friday, June 26, 2009

9 Questions with Elke Von Freudenberg

-How long have you been doing makeup? Since 1985 or so...I started doing makeup when I was still in high school.

-What are three of your must-have products? Face Atelier's foundations are a must.. makes skin look absolutely perfect, Alison Raffaele's invisible powder, (yes, it really is invisible) and Smashbox's Primer.

-What's the last project you worked on? It was a beauty editorial for a magazine.

-Why do you love being a makeup artist? I love the idea of trying to create something perfect. It's a moment in time that's captured on film for all time, and I love trying to make that moment as perfect and as beautiful as possible.

-In one word, what inspires you? Beauty. Anything that is beautiful inspires me. A sunset, a rose, a person.

-What makes you a good makeup artist? I think my insane attention to detail and the ability to see the whole picture. Knowing that the shot is not about me and that my makeup is just a small part of it. If my part fits into the puzzle, then the whole shot works.

-What was your first job as an artist? I think it was a headshot for an actress from All My Children. I also think I was terrified, if I remember correctly.

-How would you describe your style of makeup? Perfect beauty. My style is definitely not natural or crazy. Just beauty as perfect as I can get it.

-If you could do one person's makeup who you haven't yet done who would it be? Probably Linda Evangelista because her face inspired me so much when I was starting out doing makeup. I would be curious as to what makeup look I would do on her...

Elke Von Freudenberg is a Celebrity Eyebrow Specialist and Makeup Artist. She is also the founder of The Beauty Blog Network and the editor of her own beauty blog.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

9 Questions with David Klasfeld

How long have you been doing makeup?
I’m going on my 15th year in the industry.

What are three of your must-have products?
1. Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder – completely translucent and works on absolutely everybody from the lightest to the darkest skintone. 2. Cetaphil Moisturizer – a perfect, basic, non-reactive pre-makeup moisturizer. 3. OCC Skin Airbrush Foundation – honestly, not just because I created it but because I really do believe it gives the perfect approximation of beautiful, real looking skin. The few times a year that I have to do hand-applied makeup, I really do feel hobbled without it.

What’s the last project you worked on?
Assisting my friend and fellow artist Katie Pellegrino on Diego Binetti’s gorgeous Fall/Winter collection. I think it’s so important for new artists to know that you never get to a stage of your career when you’re “beyond” assisting or testing. It’s a learning process in a truly collaborative industry that you never outgrow.

Why do you love being a makeup artist?
Very simply because I love, and will forever be fascinated by, color and texture and how they can have such an impact on someone’s appearance.

In one word, what inspires you?
Currently I’m obsessed with Anime and Japanese Pop Culture. It has such a strong aesthetic that’s all about sharp contrasts. Our most recent ad campaign for Lip Tar was inspired by Takashi Murakami’s color palette, and how he juxtaposes vivid colors against a dark and sometimes drab background. Once again, Katie Pellegrino was the artist for the campaign and her interpretation of this was spot-on.

What makes you a good makeup artist?
The fact that I don’t go into a job with an agenda. I understand my role as one part of a creative process, and always concern myself more with how I adapt the makeup to best suit the finished product.

What was your first job as an artist?
One of the first jobs I was able to secure in my freelance career was literally drag makeup by candlelight for a fashion show for a now-major designer. By candlelight because Production blew a fuse in the room we were working in and couldn’t get the power back on without potentially risking that the lights in the house wouldn’t work for the show. Once you’ve jumped that kind of hurdle, you never complain about your accommodations backstage.

How would you describe your style of makeup?
I would hope to have it described as progressive. I don’t believe in ‘corrective’ makeup, at least the kind that’s meant to simply homogenize away the differences in people’s features. I love to create the kind of look that’s worn by a confident woman or man who wears makeup because they love it, not because they feel they have to wear it.

If you could do one person’s makeup who you haven’t yet done who would it be?
Too hard to pick. Definitely a comedian. Roseanne, Sandra Bernhard, Margaret Cho or Sarah Silverman. Just give an excuse to hang around with one of those four.

David Klasfeld is the CEO and Creative Director of New York based professional makeup line, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.